MIMOSA // Swatches

MIMOSA // Swatches


An audacious and lively pattern that brings to mind the feathery petal clusters of a buttery mimosa flower—a sure sign of spring approaching. A real garden exuberance, this is a print design that flourishes with vibrancy.

This is a listing for a swatch 8 in. x 8 in. to validate the colours of this fabric.

Reminiscent of the vibrant bouquets of peonies, irises and lilies that one finds while strolling along the boardwalks of the Côte d'Azur. A rich, dynamic pattern to complement a solid green, orange or fuchsia fabric.

Velveteen upholstery weight
Upholstery Velvet 100% polyester with backing ‎300 g/m2.‎

Printed Fabric Width: 54”

Minimum Order: 1 Meter

Fabric is made to order and typically takes 1-2 weeks plus shipping.  Exclusive to authorised showrooms only.

Email info@benedettacovanti.com for more information if you are a designer or architect.


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