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Patterns meet Design

French Canadian and Italian, Benedetta Covanti is a textile & homeware designer focusing on the union of new and old techniques exploring the world of design & fashion. The unique motifs are inspired by original drawings of organic forms and textures. Colors and shapes are hand-drawn, and she digitally creates the repeated pattern to give a unique aesthetic to her work. 

Granddaughter of Anna Crocetti Covanti, an Italian textile designer and artist, the creations stem from Benedetta's Italian roots and her craftsmanship heritage. She is exploring the relationship between patterns & colours, and what they can create in a space, on a body, on objects or through artistic installation. She believes in design with a concept, design with a meaning, and design with our heart. She follows conceptual and slow design, while expressing an exuberance. She vows to create distinctive & meaningful textile products to appeal to our imagination and creativity. 





Born in France, Benedetta's childhood was filled with amazing summers spent in Fabriano, Italy with her grandparents sewing, drawing and cultivating love and beauty in all different forms. She spent the rest of the year in Quebec city, Canada with her father who was a jeweller. Her grandparents used to tell her that her drawings were Piccole Opere d'Arte, Small art pieces, so it was just a question of time before she decided to bring them to life to honor them.

A life explorer, she spent 10 years exploring the design world while living in Canada, Europe & USA and worked under creative directors, fashion, surface & visual designers, sculptors, & trend forecasters. She has various experience with different brands & ateliers in Canada for MEXX, Pontbriand & Ines de Santo. In New York she worked with the Liz Claiborne Group and while doing her master in Milan collaborated with Fendi, Red valentino, Mont Blanc & Maserati. She currently lives in Montreal, Canada since 2015.

Benedetta received her Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University in Toronto with a certificate in Business French. She went to pursue her Master's at conceptual school Domus Academy in Milan to learn the Made in Italy and was awarded a Master of Arts with Distinction from Wales University in UK. 





Anna Covanti

Anna Covanti born Crocetti in 1920 in Fabriano Italy is the paternal grand-mother of Benedetta. Raised by her grand-father, she spent lots of time with nonnes and was educated by them. They taught her their embroidery techniques and became an artigiani textile embroiderer confectioning one of a kind pieces taking several months to accomplish. While working on sur-mesures commissions, she also sold her work throughout different markets in Venice, Rome, Florence between the 1950 to 1980 across Italy. Anna had 4 grand-daughters, for whom she prepared a box filled with hand-made textiles, and passed them on to them when they grew into adulthood. For her, it was a way of passing on her legacy and her vision of textile as art into their lives. When Benedetta spent her summers in Italy, she stayed beside her grand-mother practicing her art as she kept drawings while her grand-mother kept sewing. Anna’s practice was filled with organic components, with a sweet spot for white background and durable linen. Anna past away on January 17, 2019 in Fabriano.


~ INDIA . Mumbai . December 7-8 . Festival of Architecture 2018. A Design Award Exhibition
~ CHINA . Shenzhen . November 5-7 . Design Week 2018. A Design Award Exhibition
~ CHINA . Xiong'an . October 18-24 . Design Week 2018. A Design Award Exhibition
~ INDIA . September 21-22 . New Delhi 2018. A Design Award Exhibition
~ ITALY . June 10 - July 7 . Como . "MOOD" Museum of outstanding Design 2018
~ CANADA . January 18-21 . Toronto . IDS 2018 . Studio North.


2018 A Design Award & Competition. Category : Textiles, cloth and pattern. Lake Como . Italy . 
2018 IDS. Studio North . Young Designers Selection . Toronto . Ontario
2014 IDS. Studio North . Young Designers Selection . Toronto . Ontario
2012 Winner . Brand Hunter International competition . Domus Academy . Milan . Italy
2010 Bourse de la Fondation de la Mode de Montréal . Montréal . QC
2009 Millenium Scholarship . Toronto . Ontario
2008 Best project Discover U program . Liz Claiborne Inc, New York . NY
2007 National finalist . Fusion Event. Jewelry Collection . Ontario Sciences Center. Toronto. Ontario


  • Colour research Society of Canada

  • IAD - International Association of Designers

 Photography by Emmanuelle Roberge photographe